Tamarind Drink

Tamarind drink is simple to make and so refreshing! Made of fresh tamarind pulp and simple syrup, it’s delicious way to hydrate all year long.

I was sprawled on our sofa, most probably dehydrated, when G handed me a tall glass serving of this tamarind drink. Sweet, tangy, and icy cold, it was the perfect refreshment!

What is Refresco de Tamarindo

  • Tamarind drink is a type of agua fresca popular throughout Latin America and typically sold in most Mexican food courts here in Southern California.
  • It’s made of fresh, ripe tamarind pods are that are shelled and deveined and then simmered in water to soften and to extract the pulp. The resulting pulp is strained, diluted with additional water, and sweetened with simple syrup to taste. It’s enjoyed chilled or served over ice as a refreshment.

This flavored water is not really known beverage in the local Filipino food scene, but since the tamarind fruit is widely used in our cuisine and readily available in our markets, I urge you to try it. It’s loaded with bright, fresh fruit flavor and a great way to hydrate this Summer and all year long.

Helpful tips

  • Make sure to use ripe tamarind pods, not the green ones used for sinigang.
  • Feel free to adjust the amount of water or simple syrup depending on the sweetness or tartness you like.
  • If you want to skip separating the skins from the pods or you’re unable to source fresh pods, you can buy tamarind blocks at Mexican grocers or online. Just check to make sure it’s pure tamarind with no additives.
  • If serving over ice, prepare drink stronger and more concentrated as the melted ice will dilute the taste.
  • Stir the drink before serving to redistribute any solids that settled at the bottom.

Agua de tamarindo or tamarind water is a delicious refreshment to enjoy year-round. For the best taste, serve chilled or over ice.

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